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International Program

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Service and sisterhood have been the cornerstone of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® since 1908. The 2022-2026 administration seeks to build upon the sorority's rich legacy of service by galvanizing our sisterhood of more than 120,000 active members to lead on the front lines of change, education, and advocacy.

The program theme for 2022-2026 is Soaring to Greater Heights of Service and Sisterhood. The International Program includes six program initiatives. Strengthen Our Sisterhood will serve as the "Foundation Initiative", the remaining five program initiatives are: Empower Our Families, Build Our Economic Wealth, Enhance Our Environment,  and Advocate for Social Justice

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Foundation Initiative: Strengthen Our Sisterhood

Our sisterhood served as the foundation to be an indomitable force for good in our communities, states, nation and the world. Building lifelong relationships based on affinity, love, trust, respect, shared goals and interests.


Focusing on sister squads which will build those lifelong relationships, creating cross-regional relationships, sharing random acts of care & compassion, joining together to volunteer and serve the community side-by-side and engage in a modern, interactive & high-impact leadership development program.

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Empower Our Families

Take a multi-generational approach to fortify families within our communities by addressing child hunger and promoting positive youth development and leadership, mental well-being and senior life.

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Build Our Economic Wealth

Key strategies in building personal, organizational and community economic wealth. Focusing on supporting financial wellness & planned giving, achieve personal savings, investing and supporting women entrepreneurs and black owned business and brands.

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Enhance Our Environment

Strategize to optimize our collective ability, and to improve and protect the environment at scale. Focusing on tree planting, community and home gardens, waste reduction and shredding & electronics recycling day.

Advocate social

Advocate For Social Justice

Equip communities with the tools, knowledge, and support to activate their voices and mobilize self-help to empower communities to help themselves. Focusing on voter education, registration, mobilization and public policy & candidate forums and public servant's guides.

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Uplift Our Local Community

Celebrate excellence, promote a focus on service, and stimulate effective culture and showcase best practices -"Local Change, Big Impact, and Global Showcase"

Focusing on chapters that make an exceptional impact in their local community, collaborated to combine resources & efforts by maximizing the impact in their community and provide local community grants for notable local community service projects.

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